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1) What is Note in Cloud?

Notes in Cloud is a digital services company based in Barcelona which is dedicated to bridging the gap between printed sheet music and digital formats. We bring to today's musicians, publishers and music foundations the advantages of specific digital formats, according to the needs of the clients. It is an exciting time to be making these steps forward with digital music scores, and NiC is right there on the cutting edge making solid progress.


2) What is the Notes in Cloud app?

Our app is a dynamic platform for purchasing and using smart, digital sheet music on tablets. It is available at the Apple Store at no charge. Here, our clients can purchase and download the sheet music they find interesting.

Notes in Cloud: "More than printed music!"


3) How can I try out the NiC app?

Our app is available for free in the AppStore of Apple.


4) I am a composer. How can NiC be of service to me?

NiC offers several different services to composers, from preparation of score materials to making your materials available on one of our commercial outlets.
Get in contact with us at: info@notesincloud.com


5) I am a music publisher. How can I work with NiC to get my collections up on your app?

Get in contact with us at: info@notesincloud.com

6) How can I stay informed of NiC's developments and advances?

Connect with us via Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. We will keep you informed through our social media.


7) I am a music teacher. How can your app be useful to me in my work with students?

Currently there are more than 15 million iPads in use in classrooms around the world. Our app is designed with the classroom needs of music teachers in mind. We also design apps for very specific classroom or ensemble needs.


8) I am a choir director, how can your app be useful to choirs?

One of the principal uses of the NiC app is for choirs. The audio ability of the app helps singers to be able to hear their voice and practice it with the accompaniment, with control over the virtual instruments used and the volume of each voice.


9) How is de payment done?

Scores are purchased in-app. It runs through the Apple Store system.


10) Do my downloads expire?

No. Once purchased, your scores will be available from any iPad logged in to your user account.


11) If my iPad gets lost or is broken, do I lose my purchased music?

No. Once purchased, your scores will be available from any iPad logged in to your user account. When accessing from a new iPad, tap on “Restore my music.”


12) Can I share my Notes in Cloud music?

The music you purchase will only be available from your personal user account.


13) What kind of music is there in the app?

Now, and during the first development phase, the app features shorter, one-movement works – or separate movements of larger works –, for choir or chamber ensembles, or voice or solo instrument with accompaniment.

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