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08/09/2016 - See the Tutorial for more info

Buttons and their function


1  Close the score being shown


2  Play and pause playback


3  About the piece

Shows the score’s information: title, author, ISMN, publishing date, and publisher


4  Settings

a) Initial countdown: can be tuned on and off. It is on by default.

b) Auto Scroll: the same.

c) Metronome: Three different sounds available (1, 2, 3). It can also be turned off.

d) Volume: Turn up or down the volume of the metronome and the countdown.

5  Instruments and voices

This screen has three functions:

a) Assign an instrument sound to each voice. Piano is the default instrument. You can choose five more instruments: violin, cello, flute, oboe and clarinet in Bb.

b)    Show or hide each voice on the score.

c)    Control the volume of each voice, regardless of what voices are shown or hidden.


6  Transposing the score

a) Scores will playback in their original, default key. However, you can transpose them up to 12 half steps (1 octave) up or down.

b) The app will automatically transpose the score. It will then be ready for playback and reading in the new key.


7  Tempo

All scores have their default tempo. Use the speed knob to make it faster or slower.


8  Time line

Find where you are in the score, and navigate


Logging out: info menu

Find the “Log out” button in the “Info” menu. Click it to close the app.

Also, here you will find information about the app such as the Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy, as well as support, FAQ and contact information.


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